Adaptive Insights Americas Partner Rally 2019 Recap

Adaptive Insights Americas Partner Rally 2019 Recap

More than 200 partners were welcomed to Pleasanton, California for this year’s annual Adaptive Insights Americas Partner Rally. Workday graciously hosted the event at its headquarters for the first time since acquiring Adaptive Insights for $1.55 billion in 2018, providing channel partners the opportunity to network and learn how to help customers fully leverage the product to meet their business planning needs. Aaron Rosenberg, Partner & Senior Vice President of Business Development, attended the event for the fourth consecutive year and discussed the highlights of his experience.

“It was great as always to catch up with old friends at the annual Adaptive Insights Partner Rally, where we were engaged with two action-packed days of exhilarating content. We learned more about Adaptive’s Customer Journey by listening to a presentation from Adaptive’s Founder & Chairman, Rob Hull. That was, by far, the most rewarding piece of content.

Adaptive Insights is eager to see their clients get the most return out of their investment in the Adaptive product. In my experience working with Adaptive clients over the past five years, there’s always a catalyst for choosing Adaptive at a business. Sometimes it begins with a need to move away from Microsoft Excel or legacy systems and focus on a new and improved, continuous and collaborative budgeting and forecasting initiative.


Other times, that initiative revolves around reporting—in particular, financial reporting and gathering data from multiple, disparate systems including financial data, sales data, human capital data, and operational data to get more visibility into the real-time, active elements that display the health of the business.


Finally, some companies are looking for tools to help with data visualization, and Adaptive has extremely beneficial ways of displaying that data by optimizing board reports and leveraging tools like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word through OfficeConnect to help customers quickly and easily update their most important reporting packages with real-time information.

Adaptive’s Customer Journey is about helping customers plan and successfully implement all of those functionalities so that they can get the most out of their purchase. What we’ve seen at Oasis is that powerful tools like Adaptive can be implemented in a phased approach that will help our clients do just that, so we’re excited to hear and see that Adaptive has tools for us to help our customers thoughtfully implement each piece of the product to give them a higher rate of success and to keep benefiting from their subscription.

Another great session revolved around Adaptive Insights’ marketing initiatives and how we as partners are really fortunate to have access to so many great case studies, testimonials, and marketing assets that will help educate our clients on all the ways other customers just like them are taking advantage of the software.”

For more information on how Adaptive Insights is powering organizations of all sizes, be sure to watch our four part video series about the Adaptive Journey:



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