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Identify Critical Operational Areas

This transition can make or break your business over the next five to ten years. we take a collaborative approach to your journey; consulting with you on best practices prior to recommending software. We engage your Project Champion to identify and understand all potential areas for improvement.

Consult on Process Improvement

At Oasis we won’t implement good software on a poor process. We work closely with your core team members and engage them in our discovery sessions to ensure that the blueprint of our project plan includes the right people, the right processes, and all of the most important information.

Develop Plan and Approach

Together, we develop a roadmap that sets everyone up for success. We clearly identify goals and create a project plan that instills conifdence and clear expectations with all stakeholders. Our goal is to provide your organization with a non-eventful, well-organized and well understood project.
The Results of an Oasis Analysis are...

Visual workflows of current vs. improved future state processes

Clearly aligned goals to measure desired business case ROI

Discovery documentation & a plan backed by detailed scope(s) of work

A partnership that lasts the life of your business

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