Binny Griffith Joins Oasis Solutions As NetSuite Developer

Oasis Solutions announced today that Binny Griffith has joined the company as NetSuite Developer. Oasis Solutions is an award-winning business management software partner for Sage 100cloud software, NetSuite, and Adaptive Insights.

SVP of Business Development & Partner Aaron Rosenberg, “We are thrilled to continue adding immensely talented and experienced members to our team. With Binny joining Oasis, our clients will see an immediate and extremely beneficial impact. Binny brings more than a decade of experience with NetSuite and a high degree of technical acumen.

Our colleagues and customers are going to be thrilled working with Binny for many years to come!”

Binny brings a wealth of knowledge to the Oasis team with a professional background including programming, experience working for NetSuite direct, and time as a NetSuite consultant. Her background makes her knowledgeable of both the functional and technical side of NetSuite.


“I am excited to join a group of smart and talented people. I was absolutely thrilled to witness the camaraderie of the team. It was a humbling experience to see everyone from top to bottom work together on everything. I’m looking forward to contributing my best to an already incredible team.”, Binny Griffith, NetSuite Developer.


About Oasis Solutions
Since 1991, Oasis Solutions ( has been serving businesses throughout North America with software consulting, development, training, and support. Oasis is an award-winning business management software partner for Sage  software, NetSuite, and Adaptive Insights.


Oasis has been around since before technology was a buzzword, assisting businesses in assessing, attaining and supporting business management software.


With more than 350 years of combined industry experience, our team of software specialists offer expertise in accounting, human resource management, and custom software development.


Oasis Solutions has offices in Louisville and Lexington, KY, and Nashville, TN.


It’s Not Just What We Bring To The Table, It’s Who.

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