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“Am I what!?”, you’re probably saying.  “But it’s not (quite) November yet!  2014 is 2 months away!”

Yep, and it’s time to start planning for next year.  We are in a global recovery and you need to be thinking about growth and taking full advantage of the economic recovery.  Here at Oasis Solutions Group, our company has seen tremendous growth since 2010.  We are barreling forward on this growth curve going into 2014.  Is your company growing too?  Are you figuring out now how to hit those growth goals?

At Oasis Solutions Group, we serve “Growth Companies” every day.  We talk to dozens of companies every day who are enjoying great growth themselves.  As a result, their sales quotas are going up and management demands for visibility into the sales pipeline are also going up.  While the past few years were all about tightening the corporate belt, 2014 is going to be all about managing growth to full effectiveness.

The first question you have to ask yourself is, “Are you ready?”  Do your sales people have the tools they need to be more effective than the competition?  Have you built a sales strategy for maximizing growth?  Can your sales people qualify leads, manage sales cycles and close deals quickly and effectively?  Have you aligned your teams, processes and tools with that sales strategy?  Do you know what you need to hit your goals?  The answer to many of these questions is likely a new or improved sales strategy leveraging CRM software.  Contact Jason Barnes at 502.429.6902 ext. 231 to discuss your sales strategies and readiness for 2014!

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