4 Things You Should Know About Account-Based Marketing

What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)? Account-Based Marketing is a business-to-business strategy with the goal of targeting the company, rather than individuals. This helps marketers understand their customers at the account level. ABM uses data analysis to find accounts that should be targeted and uses a strategic communications strategy to engage with consumers.

Here are 4 reasons you NEED to try ABM today:

1. ABM is Growing in Popularity2

ABM is no long just a buzzword, but rather the thing everyone is doing. Account-Based Marketing is currently being used by 52% of companies, and 83% of those companies plan to increase use of ABM in the next year. 31% of organizations are currently practicing account-based marketing.


2. ABM= Increased ROI

Yes, your ROI will increase! When you use ABM your marketing efforts are lining up with your sales team goals. Therefore, these leads you generate for them are actually qualified leads. According to Act-On, 97% of marketers who are using ABM have reported a higher ROI while using ABM compared to any other marketing strategy. Of these users, 60% of them have seen a 10% increase in revenue. Not to mention, ABM increases your company’s cus3tomer referrals.


3. ABM Comes Along with Benefits

 No need to worry if you can implement this into your company or not because ABM is now much easier implement due to improvements in technology.  ABM allows you to market to the entire account rather to individuals.  ABM gives you a practical and scalable path to continue growth, aligns marketing and sales, and much more.


4. ABM Can Take Your Marketing Automation Above and Beyond

ABM helps you to find markets your sales team would actually want you to market to, rather than marketing to people who won’t turn into a qualified lead. So, when you are using ABM your sales team won’t whine about being sent unqualified leads. Contract value for ABM-targeted accounts increases an average of 40% for mid-market accounts and 35% for enterprise. Save your sales team time and start using Account-Based Marketing today.

By Alexandria Gambill & Margaret Stivers

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