Patrick Johnson’s 4 Useful Websites for Sage Users

Recently I was able to catch Patrick Johnson, Senior Sage ERP Consultant at Oasis, between a busy schedule to discuss 4 useful sage websites, and resources, for Sage users.


Patrick has over ten years of experience helping clients plan, implement and support Sage Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, including Sage CRM and Payroll, Fixed Assets, as well as other integrating systems. Patrick specializes in manufacturing, distribution, service, and finance industries.


When it comes to consulting with clients, Patrick’s view is that each client requires a fresh approach and perspective, as each has unique needs, goals, and processes. This is the reason he loves this line of work, these opportunities give him a chance to leverage his knowledge, and experience, with new challenges.

Below are a few websites and resources that Patrick has suggested that will help you with frequently asked questions, product updates, and more:


1. Sage City Community

  • Simple user sign-up
  • Advice, partners, and support
  • Join groups, read helpful blogs, and ask questions in forums.
  • You will also find access to Sage Knowledgebase, and technical support chat.

4 Useful websites for Sage users2. Sage Customer Portal

  • Find answers to frequently asked questions, resources, and downloads.
  • Sage Customer Portal
  • Submit a case to the Manage Case tab.
  • Access to Knowledgebase

Patrick warns, “this is a useful site, but be careful. Often you can find out just enough to get into trouble.”

4 Useful websites for Sage users3. Sage CRM Community

  • You find Help by Version
  • Cloud Help
  • Tutorial Help


4. Built-in Resources

Be sure to use the resources built into the application, such as the help menu. The information center provides a wealth of information for each individual component of the application. So, if you find yourself getting stuck, you should not have to look too hard to find the answers. Additionally you can link to:

  • Share your ideas
  • Keep up-to-date with What’s New
  • Learn about Business Care
  • Sage City




Patrick Johnson

Senior Sage ERP Consultant

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