Andy Cornelius has 5 helpful resources for NetSuite users

Resources for NetSuite Users

This week I sat down with Andy Cornelius, Senior Cloud Consultant at Oasis Solutions, to discuss 5 helpful resources for NetSuite users.

Previously, Andy has worked with CFO’s to provide functionality for start-up businesses, as well as working with existing companies to refine their accounting systems.  He has designed and implemented accounting systems for the service, marine, property development, veterinarian, and asset management industries.

When it comes to helping clients to be as successful as possible Andy exclaims,We’re always here to help, but we also provide our clients the training and tools to be resourceful and problem solve on their own.”

One way of doing that is by staying updated with NetSuite products and developments. So, by simply logging in and clicking on the Support tab users will find these 5 helpful resources:

1. Expanded OneWorld

  • Combine subsidiaries into one NetSuite instance
  • Consolidate financial statements
  • International capabilities

2. Sneak Peek

  • Featured highlights for various industries
  • New capabilities
  • General availability

3. Release Preview Test Plan

  • Overview of release preview
  • Recommended for testing
  • Broken down by segments (manufacturing, distribution, retail, etc.)

4. New Product Overview

  • Review all products and updates
  • Find new features
  • Explore various platforms such as ERP, CRM, and Business Intelligence

5. SuiteIdeas

  • You can put in request for enhancements
  • view, vote, and collaborate on ideas
  • Suggest a new idea

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