A Year of Fun with Harbor House of Louisville


Working with Harbor House helped me grow in my compassion for other people, especially, the participants have helped me personally to see another perspective in life. And I’m thankful for Harbor House to give me that opportunity.”, – Dee Dee Crotty, Client Experience Manager.


At Oasis Solutions, we like to focus on one philanthropy a year. We also value the relationships we share with our clients. For that reason, we decided to partner with Harbor House, both a worthy non-profit and long-time customer, in 2016.


Harbor House of Louisville is an organization that gives adults with disabilities a chance to reach their potential. They strive to help each participant find a sense of belonging, friendship and meaningful work. Their mission is to enhance the lives of the participants through employment, self-determination, education and community-building opportunities.


What a great decision we made! 2016 was full of fun volunteer opportunities, starting with the 13th Annual Ken-Ducky Derby on April 30th. Despite pouring rain and hurricane-gale winds (that might be a bit of an exaggeration), the team was fueled with enthusiasm and finished as the highest-selling independent team in the duck competition! It was a great experience for everyone who participated.


July brought a field day at Harbor House, complete with horseshoes and fun; September was kicked off with a Harbor House breakfast and a recap/plan of action for the remainder of the year.


Oasis collected then donated candy to Harbor House in October, then organized a food drive for December. Instead of a traditional food drive, the team decided to host a themed food drive and collect ingredients for a meal that the Harbor House participants could cook: chili. This would not only allow them to be more independent but bring the joy of learning to them.


“I am so happy to be able to share time with the participants and they have helped me realize the importance of life; and it’s not the thing, it’s the people.” said Karen Roberson, Partner and Software Developer, when asked if she enjoyed the partnership with Harbor House.


The Oasis team is thrilled with the success of our partnership with Harbor House in 2016. We have learned so much not only from the participants but from the amazing caregivers at Harbor House who have dedicated their lives to help those in need. We are looking forward to 2017 being another prosperous year!

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