Adaptive Insights & Sage 100: Playing Well Together

Adaptive Insights and Sage 100: Playing Well Together

During our June 26th Race to the Cloud event at Churchill Downs, Oasis will be introducing Adaptive Insights to our Sage 100 Customers.  Adaptive Insights is a leading Business Intelligence tool accessible only through the cloud.  Please join us for the presentation where you will learn how you can leverage the cloud with your Sage 100 Data.  Then, enjoy the rest of the afternoon with lunch in the Stakes Room and lots of horse racing action and networking.

The Adaptive Suite is made up of 5 key elements:   Planning, Discovery, Reporting, Consolidations and Integration.  As an extension of your Sage 100 data, you’ll have more collaboration between those responsible for budgeting and planning for each department, reducing the budgeting cycle and version conflict.   With an Excel-type interface, it is easy to deploy and the learning curve is short for most implementations.

Adaptive Discovery is the next generation for dashboards, compiling analytical data and KPIs in a dynamic visual presentation.

Adaptive Reporting provides a comprehensive interface for all relevant staff, management or board members.   With a secure login, users are able to access the financial package of reports at their convenience and see all areas of the organizations, including other metrics for Sales and Purchasing.

If you are responsible for compiling consolidated financial statements each month, Adaptive Consolidations will combine reports for multiple entities, perform allocations, and processes intercompany eliminations.   Additionally, this component saves time each period when combining financial statements.

The connectivity between Adaptive Insights and your Sage 100 data can be managed by Adaptive Integration.  You’ll be able to import data directly from Sage 100 and automate the scheduling of the data imports.

Please join Oasis Solutions Group at Churchill Downs on June 26.  If you haven’t registered for the Race to the Cloud event yet, please click here.  If you want more information today, please email Michael Drury

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