Are Fragmented Software Applications Costing Your Business Time & Money?

Fragmented business software applications can cause more problems than you may know. Without integration, businesses are forced to navigate through multiple applications. This slows down processes, reduces agility and increases opportunities for errors. And that’s just the beginning.

Consider these implications of siloed applications:

  • Data fragmentation: overlapping databases must be consolidated and reconciled to create a comprehensive and consistent view. This process eats up time and resources unnecessarily but without it you cannot have a full understanding of your data.
  • User adaptation issues: each application has a different configuration. This forces users to adapt to different operating styles, features and functions when switching between applications. Or the software requires extensive and costly customization to make everything work the same way. Again, this slows down your process and wastes resources.
  • Management is difficult: end-to-end processes are difficult to manage because there must be integration across multiple applications and databases.

What’s the answer? Integrated applications of course! By-pass these limitations entirely by using applications that are integrated around a single codebase and database. Characteristics of an effective integrated solution include:

  • ERP, CRM, HR, eCommerce, warehouse management, project management and customer service applications function in a shared application stack and database. All of your data is accessible in a single location and utilizing a common configuration.
  • The underlying platform can be easily customized to your industry and business needs.
  • The application quickly evolves as your business changes and accommodates growth.
  • Real-time reporting enables everyone to see a single view of the business.
  • Ease of accessing information means that your staff is able to access the information they need to make informed decisions.
  • Information and process changes can be implemented quickly which allows your business a greater degree of flexibility and agility to meet changing needs.
  • Data and process automation can be easily delivered when and where it is needed, unfettered by technical limitations.

Do you have questions about how to resolve your Fragmented Applications? Oasis Solutions Group can help!

Oasis Solutions Group provides training, service, support and custom development for ERP, HR, CRM, Accounting, Sales and Marketing software and more!

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