Are Islands of Information Crippling Your Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business?

In working with food and beverage manufacturers, though this happens in other businesses as well, one of the greatest impediments to efficient operations is that scattering of business critical data throughout the operation.

Does any of the following sound familiar?  Your recipes are stored on a variety of Excel spreadsheets.  Meanwhile, Quality Control Tests are housed in Access.  Your production scheduling is mapped out on a whiteboard.  And there is a software application on the PC in the corner that has all of your nutritional labeling information.

Any time there is a rush for information, you’re slowed down by the painful process of pulling all the needed data from multiple locations.  And, given that much of the data is entered manually, you can only hope that it’s mostly accurate.  If the fire drill of collecting, consolidating, and reporting has repeatedly sent you home late, with a headache and worse, worried about whether you’ve had the best information with which to make a decision – it might be time to look at a solution that is designed for food and beverage manufacturers.

At Oasis, we help food and beverage manufacturers optimize their business.  We understand how brutally competitive your market is.  We know how you struggle with material costs that can vary radically.  We are aware of the strict quality regulations requirements your face.  Dropping the ball at any phase can be a critical blow to your profitability.

We’ve seen how access to clear, accurate and real-time operations data can make a huge difference.

The solution we recommend is O2 Food ERP powered by MAS 500.  It was developed for the unique needs of your manufacturing operation.  Let us know if we can help you put the systems in place so that you may shift your time from pulling information from multiple sources to leveraging one system that give easy access to enterprise-wide information so you can more effectively grow your business and enjoy greater profitability.

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