Are you a Keyboard Whiz?

Are you a Keyboard Whiz?

Or maybe inefficient when using a mouse with your computer?

Regardless, learning some of these Shortcuts will greatly improve your efficiency. Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90/200) has many Keyboard Shortcuts. The ones most frequently used are:

  • Tab: Takes you to the next field
  • Enter: Mostly the same as the Tab key, but it can also execute a function. For example if you keep pressing the Enter key until it takes you to an Accept button, pressing the Enter key will execute “Accept” just as if you had clicked on it. Spacebar Clear/select a check box/radio button.
  • F2: Displays the Lookup window for the current field
  • F3: Displays an alternate Lookup window and is always used along with the above lookups. You will see an example of this in the General Ledger Journal Entry. Clicking the lookup button or pressing the F2 key described above displays a list of all Source Journals. Clicking the alternate Lookup button or pressing the F3 button here shows a list of all journal entries that have not yet been updated.
  • F4: Prints the report or journal associated with the current task. For example, in Customer Maintenance you will get the Customer Listing report. In Invoice Data Entry you will get the Invoice Journal.
  • Alt-A: In standard Microsoft fashion, anytime you see a letter or number that has an underline, you can hold the Alt key down while pressing that letter or number. Another favorite use for this shortcut is to use it to navigate tabs on a screen. For example, on the Customer Maintenance screen if you press Alt 6 you can jump to the Invoices tab.

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