Clarity Payroll: Tips & Tricks

Payroll Flexibility

Did you know that Clarity Payroll allows pay codes such as earnings, deduction, benefits or tax codes to be defined as a script.  For example if you have multiple retirement options such as 401K, Roth, 403B or 457 that match a certain percentage or amount.  You can use the scripting tool to write a formula that is applied each payroll to verify the amounts from all plans and then calculate the match.  Scripts can also be used to calculate unusual Overtime, Garnishments, Bonus and / or taxes.  Payroll scripting adds a whole new level to payroll processing.

Oasis Solutions Group provides service, support and training for Clarity Payroll Software. If you are interested in learning more or need help with your current HR/Payroll Software contact Christine Ashley, Senior Consultant.

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