CoSchedule, I Think I Have A Crush On You

How one sweet little app is helping me plan my days, my content and my workflow.

So What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is basically an online marketing calendar tool to help you organize your editorial content and collaborate with team members to publish and promote that content. To me, it is so much more. It is as amazing as that first sip of coffee in the morning and every bit as vital – it’s a necessity.

I, like many others in the business world, am a marketing department of one. That means one of my greatest desires is one platform with great functionality that allows me to accomplish all my marketing tasks. And CoSchedule comes pretty close.

For the little guys, this is huge – simplicity goes a long way in making our job easier! CoSchedule allows you to plan out blogs and social posts, track workflow, schedule your newsletters, email marketing, webinars, events, press releases,and more. Amazing!

Now can you see why this just might be love?

CoSchedule WordPress calendar

CoSchedule’s amazing calendar view in WordPress

Why Do I Love It So Much?

Being a  bit of a Type A personality, I enjoy planning. And CoSchedule allows you to plan, plan, plan.

Plan your blog posts.
You can schedule all your blog post ideas for the year as drafts on your calendar, then go back in and change the headline and the post directly from the calendar.

CoSchedule syncs with WordPress so you pick the exact time you would like to publish, then hit schedule and your blog will automatically post.

If you decide to post on a different day, you can use the easy drag and drop functionality to move things around on your calendar. So simple!

Plan your email campaigns.
Another fantastic way to plan within CoSchedule is using it to coordinate email campaigns around events. You can schedule an event on your calendar, then plan out email marketing for one week, two weeks, three weeks prior to the event to send to invitees.

Then, you can set tasks for yourself or other team members to ensure that lists are uploaded, email content is written and everything is setup for the campaign. A team member will receive email notification when a task assigned to them is ready to be started and the owner of the task will receive email notification when the task has been completed.

Workflow is easy to monitor and update.

CoSchedule user dashboard

A team member’s dashboard showing their workflow with current tasks and notifications


Notice that I mentioned team members. Yep, that’s right. You have the ability to collaborate with team members in CoSchedule as well as guests. That was a huge selling point for me!

Not only can you have team members added to your plan, but you can also add an unlimited amount of guests that have limited privileges.

This is great for view-only access of the calendar – if your CEO would like to know what the editorial calendar looks like but doesn’t need to edit anything – or for guest contributors of blogs who only need to edit content from time to time.

I love that all my content and workflow stays in one place rather than floating around disjointed in random files and emails!



CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo

Is my enthusiasm rubbing off on you yet? If it is, I highly recommend CoSchedule.

Maybe send roses, a nice bottle of wine. After all, today is the universal day of love. This is one connection I don’t think you will regret making.

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