CRM: Consider the Cloud

CRM software allows companies to track, capture, manage and share information between departments and staff. These
capabilities allow companies to complete sales, marketing and customer service activities more effectively and efficiently. Customer information is typically stored in a database where it is immediately accessible to authorized personnel. Most CRM systems allow the administrator(s) to set varying levels of authorization for employees. A centralized location for all customer and prospect information allows you to better grow and manage your business.

CRM software is a little over 20 years old and some options have evolved to include cloud deployment. Cloud-based means the technology is delivered through the internet instead of a hard database. There are many benefits of cloud-hosted software: quick deployment, no software maintenance and scalability among others. (Find out more about the benefits of cloud-hosted software here.) Because CRM is often used by sales personnel, the benefits of browser accessibility are invaluable. Cloud based CRM software enables sales personnel to access the CRM database over the internet. The software is delivered as a service and your sales team can access the information anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud-hosted CRM is a growing trend with companies hoping harness the many benefits of CRM software without the requirements of hosting or maintaining the hardware and software. If you would like more information about how CRM software (on-premise or cloud-based) can help your organization, contact Oasis Solutions Group 502-429-6902 or

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