CRM Software – More Than Just a Sales Tool

From Annette Manias, President of Oasis Solutions Group

It is easy to think of CRM software as a tool that salespeople use. But great CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS are built on much more than sales. So let’s take a look at some of the other components:

  • MARKETING: Using CRM software as a marketing tool empowers your marketing team with the ability to plan, execute and evaluate the performance of targeted marketing campaigns. The marketing automation component also allows you to build a detailed profile of your customers and design campaigns based on customers previous purchases.
  • CUSTOMER CARE: Sales bring new customers to your business but your customer service department keeps them with you for the long haul. CRM software can provide your customer service team with fast access to service requests, call history, recent communications and support cases. And with all that information at their fingertips, your customer service reps will have a better opportunity to cross sell products and services.
  • MOBILE ACCESS: By enabling sales and service personnel to securely access the CRM system using the web or mobile device, you’ll ensure they have information available to resolve customer issues quickly, place orders efficiently and keep customers happy.

Oasis Solutions Group will be hosting our first ever FREE CRM Seminars:

Louisville, KY September 13, 2012

University of Louisville, Shelby Campus

Founders Union Building, Room 201
9001 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40222

Nashville, TN October 16, 2012

The Tennessee Society of CPA’s

201 Powell Place
Brentwood, TN  37027

For additional information about these FREE sessions email or call 502-429-6902.

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