CRM Tips: How to Increase Software Adoption

One of the greatest challenges businesses face when implementing a new CRM software solution is user adoption. (Find out what CRM software is here) Resistance to change or reluctance to integrate a new strategy can occur for many reasons. Understanding why employees may be slow to adopt a new way of doing things can be key to ensuring your software initiative is a success.

Your Employees Aren’t Included

Make an effort to understand the needs of your sales staff. Too often a new system is implemented with little or no consideration for how the sales team will use it. Many CRM solutions are highly customizable and can make work easier for your sales reps. Take time to get input and suggestions from your sales team concerning what features they need, new features or functionalities they would find helpful and suggestions on how they would like to be able to use the software. Involving them in the process from the beginning and finding the right CRM fit can greatly increase your software adoption rate.

You Don’t Have a Champion

Every project needs a champion to help ensure it will be successful. Your champion should be able to encourage other employees, communicate the benefits of the project and understand the overall goals. An upper-level employee who sponsors a project can also demonstrate to sales reps that your company is invested in the success of the software implementation.

Your Staff Doesn’t Have Enough Training

Teaching your staff how to utilize a new tool is key to making sure they use it. Begin training your employees early in the process and continue training as needed. The more training you’re able to provide throughout the implementation process, the more likely users will be able to utilize the system when it becomes active. When learning something new it’s easy to forget aspects or features so continued education can make users more comfortable and competent with the software.

The New Software Isn’t Incorporated

Make your expectations clear to your sales team from the beginning. Impress upon them the need and advantages of working within the new system. Integrate your current processes or software into your new CRM solution whenever possible. Tie performance reviews and compensation to adoption of the new systems if necessary. Often, companies move to a new software but still allow employees to use old systems. This keeps adoption rates low and doesn’t convey to them the importance of the project.

An incomplete software adoption strategy can doom your project from the beginning. Low or fail adopt rates can put your entire sales pipeline at risk due to fragmented or incomplete data. New CRM options can help eliminate the risks companies face due to poor communication, incomplete data or disjointed processes. If you’d like to learn more about how CRM software can benefit your organization or about increasing adoption rates, contact Oasis Solutions Group at or 502-429-6902.

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