Ensure the FBI Doesn’t Shut Down Your Internet on July 9th

On Monday, July 9th at 12:01 A.M. the FBI will pull the plug on rogue DNS Servers. If your PC connects to the internet through a malicious DNS (Domain Name System) Server you will lose access to the internet.

If this happens to you, you will be unable to connect to any websites and will need to contact your service provider for help getting the malware deleted before you can reconnect to the internet. The FBI estimates 300,000-500,000 computers in the United States were/are infected.

Last year DNSChanger, a malicious malware infiltrated personal and corporate PCs. This malware redirected computers to a set of DNS servers which were programmed to direct web searches to malicious websites. The FBI discovered and broke up the conspiracy and seized the DNS servers. But because a large number of PCs were already directed to these servers, the Feds continued to operate them with clean, authentic DNS data.

Due to the resources required to maintain the clean DNS servers, these FBI operated servers will go offline on July 9th. Any PCs still using them will only be able to connect to numerical IP addresses.

A previous shutdown date of March 8th was announced earlier this year. However, most authorities consider the July 9th date to be firm. Oasis Solutions Group has confirmed with IT companies and sources that this date does appear to be legitimate.

How do you know if you’re internet connection will be terminated? Check to see if your computer is using a rogue DNS by visiting  www.dns-ok.us the FBI recommended diagnostic site. To access the FBI page concerning this threat click here. If you have concerns, contact your IT department or service.

DNS-Ok will return with a message similar to this one if your internet server is ok:

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