Entering Cash Receipts in Sage 100

Entering Cash Receipts in Sage 100 To Apply Payments and Credits Against Invoices

  1. Accounts Receivable – Main – Cash Receipts Entry
  2. Deposit Type: select Cash
  3. Bank Code: if different then the default, change it
  4. Deposit Date: today’s date
  5. Deposit #: click the # sign to get next new #
  6. Cash Deposit Amount: leave at 0
  7. Click Proceed
  8. Customer #: select your Customer
  9. Check #:  you must enter something here, but you can use “APPLY”
  10. Amount Received: leave at 0
  11. Click the Lines tab
  12. At the Invoice No. field, select a pre-payment (this will also work for any credits), or
  13. If the Amount Posted does not automatically come up with the payment amount, enter it manually as a negative amount
  14. Repeat steps 12 and 13  for all pre-payments or credits
  15. Now choose the invoice(s) to apply these to; again, manually enter the  Amount Posted if it doesn’t come up automatically
  16. OR, replace steps 12-15 by clicking the Select Invoices button next to the Quick Row field and select all prepayments and invoices from this screen
  17. When finished, click Accept.
  18. When finished with deposits, click the printer icon at bottom right of screen to print the Cash Receipts Journal
  19. Print the Daily Transaction Register and there should not be anything to update – the entries cancel themselves

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