Great opportunity to meet with business executives much like you

Once again I have been invited to join a group of professionals to assist CEO’s, CFO’s and business owners think strategically about their businesses.  The group is called REDI (see the flyer attached).  The IDEA is to help businesses grow and think about the varying facets in a setting away from the office and with a group of other like-minded executives.  This is my 2nd year to speak and my 3rd year as an attendee.  The ideas that are brought by the speakers are very thought provoking and the opportunity to sit with my peers and discuss is invaluable.


Last year we had an average of 40 attendees at each session which represented 25 different companies from varying industries.


Please consider joining us this year for a GREAT  experience !


You may either contact me or follow the directions on the flyer.   IF YOU CONTACT ME AND I REGISTER YOU THERE IS A DISCOUNT ! BEFORE MARCH 13, $125 DISCOUNT, AFTER MARCH 13, $75 DISCOUNT.  HURRY—TIME IS RUNNING OUT !


Hope to see you there for a wonderful experience.

Annette Manias

Flyer for REDI group

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