How Apple’s New 64-bit iPhone will impact Mobile CRM!

September 10, 2013 will officially go down in IT history as Apple, Inc. officially announced the world’s first smartphone utilizing a 64-bit architecture.   Without all of the geek speak, this means that the new iPhone 5s with its new 64-bit A7 processor can process more tasks by efficiently utilizing more memory.  This ability makes the iPhone 5s faster…waaaay faster.   The iPhone 5s will be twice as fast as the recent iPhone 5 and 40x faster than the original iPhone.   Not only did Apple introduce a 64-bit processor, they announced a mobile operating system iOS7 that has been designed to maximize the benefits of their new 64-bit hardware.

So what does this all mean to the mobile CRM user?

When it comes to mobile computing, whether by smartphone or tablet (laptops are soo old school), speed simply means doing more.   By now, any smartphone user is familiar with apps.  Apps are what drive the smartphone user experience and are also what make a smartphone a business tool , not just a device to make phone calls and view/send emails.  Apple’s introduction of a powerful 64-bit MOBILE platform changes the game.  Now a smartphone has desktop computing power.

This creates a world of new possibilities for app developers that they have had before.   Now they have a bigger engine to work with and a far more efficient operating system to create apps for.  This means Mobile CRM apps such as Sugar’s CRM Mobile App are going to get faster (obviously!), add new multi-tasking capabilities, add new features such as mobile reporting and analytics.  In addition, with the boost is graphical horsepower, users are likely to see improvements to the graphical user interface (GUI) of their favorite Mobile CRM Apps as well.   All of these improvements add up to a deeper and more productive Mobile CRM user experience.  We can add another nail to the old desktop computer’s coffin. But that’s a topic we’ll discuss in a future article.

The new Apply iPhone 5s is available September 20 and the mobile computing world changes forever on September 21!!

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