How HR Software Makes Scheduling Vacations Easier

Is your staff planning summer vacations? How does your organization keep track of time off and scheduling? Some small businesses are still using paper forms and spreadsheets to track employee time-off. If your HR staff is scrambling to keep up with vacation requests because of outdated systems then your organization is losing. You’re losing time and resources and many things may be falling through the cracks.

For small businesses, the “HR Manager” often has a different full-time title and many responsibilities other than keeping employees updated about vacation and PTO accruals and requests. This makes it even more important to have a good HR software system in place. An HR Software Solution can help your business by:

Organizing and Securing Information

Do you have HR papers stored in various locations? This not only makes it difficult to quickly access information but it’s also a security concern. Social security numbers, performance reviews and salary information should not be available to just anyone. Owners and managers should know what information is stored where so they are able to quickly assess whether employee data has been compromised.

Sending Reminders

There is a lot of information your HR department needs to track. If you don’t have a dedicated HR professional it can be very difficult to stay ahead of insurance renewal dates, certification expiration or benefits eligibility deadlines. Missing or forgetting a date can hurt your employees and your business. Most HR software systems have alerts and reminders that can help you keep your business on track.

Easily Create and Update Forms

Checking multiple spreadsheets and documents in order to answer a simple vacation request hampers your business. Keeping data in multiple places creates unnecessary work and many opportunities for mistakes. HR software keeps your data in a single location that can be referenced for several reports that can be generated quickly and easily.

Keeping Employees Informed About Company Policies

An HR system can store your office policies and HR documents in one easily accessible locations. Employees are then able to review these policies whenever necessary without contacting the HR department. Automated notificatiosn can be sent to employees when a policy is updated or changed. Keeping your employees informed and knowledgeable makes communication easier and smoother. From a management prospective, it also makes dealing with HR issues clearer and fairer.

Utilize HR software to make vacation planning an easier process for your staff. If you’re already struggling to keep up with HR, Oasis Solutions Group can help. Contact Christine Ashley at 502-429-6902 ext 236 or to find out how HR software can help your organization.

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