How to Report Employer Sponsored Healthcare Coverage on the W-2 In Sage 100

How to Report Employer Sponsored Healthcare Coverage on the W-2 in Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS90 / MAS200)
For Version 4.40 and higher

  1. The ability to include Box 12 Code DD on W-2 form was included in the 2011 IRD and will provide the required reporting for 2013. For versions 4.40.0 through, please verify 2011 IRD was installed before installing 2013 IRD. To verify 2011 IRD was installed, run the Activity Log (listed under Library Master > Reports menu) and look for “description” of “Installed 2011 Year End Changes”. Note: Version 4.50 already includes these changes.
  2. First, create and employer contribution deduction in Deduction Code Maintenance (Modules->Payroll->Setup->Deduction Code Maintenance.)
  3. Enter a new deduction code and description.

On Deduction Type, select Employer Contribution.

If applicable, enter DD in the Box 12 Code field.

4.  Enter or select the remaining applicable fields and click Accept.

5.  Now the new deduction must be assigned to employees in employee maintenance (Modules->Payroll->Main->Employee Maintenance.)

6. Select the applicable employee number, then click on the Deductions button on the right.

7.  Select the deduction code that was just created for Employer Sponsored Health Care.  In the Ded.Rate box, enter the PER PAYROLL contribution amount.  If applicable, select the Automatic checkbox.

NOTE:  If adding these amounts at the end of the year, populate the Ded. Y-T-D field with the year to date contribution amount.

8. Click Accept twice.

9.  Repeat steps 5-8 for all applicable employees.


NOTE: W-2s printed using eFiling and Reporting automatically print the Box 12 code amounts and do not require the steps below.

Open W2 Form Printing (Modules->Payroll->Period End->W2 Form Printing) and enter DD in the Box 12 Codes field.

Make sure the correct W2 form is selected, and click the FORM button in the center.

On the Details tab, verify Box 12 is set at ‘Y’ (yes) to print the data.

Click Accept.  Box 12 Code DD will now print on your W2s when you are ready to print them.


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