It Starts Here: My Internship At Oasis

Thi Tran Internship


It all started in mid-December, an exciting time of the year. Christmas decorations were at every corner of every street. The cold air breezed through the valleys and the smell of coffee filled up the atmosphere. I met Aaron and Philana at Quills, a small coffee shop on Bardstown Road.

It was one of the best job interviews I have ever had. It almost wasn’t an interview at all, it was like a gathering or a “get to know you” time. We talked about Oasis, about me, about them, about everything. Sometimes when I think back about that day, the memory is lovely, just like that coffee smell.

It’s funny to think that it happened a year ago, I guess time flies when you do what you love. Over the past year, I have learned so much with this internship. But I wasn’t just learning, I was growing, in depth and in breadth.

The breadth of my knowledge and experience is expanding with every task, every project I get to do. I didn’t start this internship doing just easy things, because challenges are essential for growth. But with the help of everyone in the company, we conquered those challenges together. And from those challenges, the depth of my life grows.

I learned to work together and help each other achieve goals, and there is no I in teamwork. Seeing how the Oasis family treats me changes my perspective in life. I can go to anyone’s office and ask for help and they would stop what they are doing and help me; believe me, you don’t get that at a lot of other places.

I’m writing this today at my desk, while preparing to take on another challenge with Oasis as their new operations coordinator. Thinking about everything that brought me to this day puts a smile on my face.

This blog marks the end of my internship and the beginning of my career and I cannot be happier to start it at Oasis Solutions. The smell of coffee still lingers in the air, just in time for the cold breeze to signal another holiday season.

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