Join Oasis Solutions Group and Adaptive Insights at the Kentucky Derby Museum!

[Louisville, KY] – [May 7, 2015] – Oasis Solutions Group, a leading provider of software and services from Sage, NetSuite, and SugarCRM is pleased to announce a breakfast seminar for universities.

This seminar will help universities learn how to gain insight how to better budget, plan and forecast for revenues and expenses, reporting options for analytics and KPIs, and various integrations available to lead universities’ growth.

There will be discussion around the strategic way that budgeting, forecasting and dashboard can impact universities. When budgets are a static one-time-per-year exercise that makes everyone go ugh, there can be little ongoing value that is received. The budget is just a scoreboard, and the score may not even represent the field you are playing on.

Markets shift, strategies change and opportunities present themselves, and budgeting and forecasting process has to be dynamic to account for this. Their partner, Adaptive Insights, a leading provider in cloud financial business management applications will be discussing how successful organizations are leveraging the latest innovations in FP&A.

After breakfast and the presentations, attendees will be able to stroll through the museum and relive 141 years of the Kentucky Derby! They will also be able to network and mingle with staff from Oasis and chat with the presenters from Adaptive Insights.

About Oasis Solutions Group

Since 1991, Oasis Solutions Group has been serving businesses throughout the United States with software consulting, programming, training and support. With more than 100 combined years of experience, their consultants offer software expertise in accounting, human resource manage, sales force automation and custom software development.The software solutions provided improve operational efficiency, smarter internal management, a rapid return on investment and a stable platform for businesses to grow.

More information can be found at or by calling 504.429.6902

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