KnowledgeSync: How To Attach a PDF to an Email Alert

How do you attach a PDF (or other file type) to an Email Alert?

There are three ways:

1) If the PDF is a static file, you can reference it on the Files tab of the event you are designing.  (This requires the Workflow add-on.)

Then make sure you check the send files as attachments on the email tab.

2) If you want to attach a dynamic Crystal Report, then follow these steps:

Design the Report

Define it inside KnowledgeSync on the Report Definitions tree branch

Create your Scheduled Report/ Event

On the Reports tab, select the Report Definition and choose style PDF

3) If the PDF file path and name can be dynamic, you need to include the dynamic file name as a column in a Query.  The customized column name must be “attachment_files” (case sensitive).

Create an Event that includes the Query you created.

The PDF will now be automatically included as an attachment on recipients’ emails.

Extra tip:  Another alternative to the first method is to hard-code the PDF file path and name as a column, as just explained in this last method.

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