Make the Money You Deserve!

Make the Money You Deserve!

Let’s face it, America is expensive! Living in comfortable homes, driving nice cars, providing for our children, going on vacation and, most recently, filling up the gas tank has become hugely expensive. It seems the cost of living just keeps going up and up.

Professional Sales is one of the few occupations that you can give yourself a raise whenever you want by simply selling more business. Is it easy? Of course not! But with hard work you can do it. Instead of falling into the trap that believing more success is just not possible, I would encourage you to start taking actions that will bring new found results. We sometimes put artificial ceilings on the amount of money we can earn by accepting average results. Don’t limit yourself.

5 Tips to Increase Your Income:

  • Attribute Number One: Mental Toughness Selling can be quite rewarding but at times it can be mentally challenging. It is certainly not for the faint of heart. There are tough competitors on every corner. Prospects challenge you by constantly fighting you to reduce price. Prospecting requires tireless effort and hearing that you lost business to a competitor can be tough as well. Yet, those that go after it every day with enthusiasm and a strong mental belief that they will “win” usually find the reward.
  • Attribute Number Two: Work Ethic Nothing replaces hard work. It is a simple rule. Those that put in the most effort usually get the most result. Get up early and stay late. Make one more call. Do all the things necessary to make yourself successful. Athletes know that working hard is a sacrifice but they also realize that additional effort also gives them more stamina and creates enormous energy.
  • Attribute Number Three: Daily Discipline Prospecting leads to face to face appointments leads to qualified proposals leads to sales. That is the reality of required behaviors that will drive your success. Start improving your prospecting, qualifying more opportunities and increasing your closing ratio. Manage your behavior in a disciplined way and the results will usually occur.
  • Attribute Number Four: Be an active listener Many sales people make the mistake of becoming so focused on their own achievements that sometimes the customer gets lost in the process. Remember that selling is solving problems for clients. Don’t get too focused on your words. Fine tune your listening skills. Instead of talking, start listening. This is the most common frustration prospects point out about sales people.
  • Attribute Number Five: Strong Belief in Your Company and In Your Ability Jack Nicklaus once said that 90% of the game of golf is from the shoulders up! Jack knew that you had to think like a winner. The most successful people have a strong belief that they are entitled to being successful. When you strengthen your belief system and visualize that you are entitled to earn more money, you will bring confidence to yourself and your potential client.

My desire, even in challenging times, is that you find your own source of inspiration and a new sense of motivation to step up your effort to make a lot more money. Start taking these winning attributes seriously and by all means give yourself a raise!

Vincent Esposito

Managing Partner

The Strickland Group

Find out why over 250 high profile CEO’s and more than 3,000 individuals would hire us to help them raise their success to the next level.

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