Making A Business Case for AP Automation


Can you think of a better way to kickoff 2018 than with the integration of new AP automation software? Beyond reducing operating costs and tightening internal controls, an automated AP process will relieve headaches and benefit your entire organization.

Those are just a few of the points that Aaron Rosenberg, Partner & SVP of Business Development at Oasis Solutions, and Mike Johnson, Sales Manager Strategic Channels at AvidXchange, made yesterday during our 30-minute webinar: Making A Business Case for AP Automation. If you were unable to attend, here’s a link to the recording:
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You’ll Learn:
– What AP and Payment Automation Is
– Impact of Automating Payables
– Return on Investment
– Overview of AvidXchange
– Live Demo of the AvidXchange Solution

As a bonus, here’s AvidXchange’s latest eBook: Change Management Strategies for AP Automation Solutions. The eBook covers what change management means in accounts payable and best practices for 2018.
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