Making HR More Efficient

Human Resources play a critical role in making a business run smoothly and effectively. However, depending on outdated systems can slow an entire company down. Making small but effective changes can help your HR department keep your company up to speed.

  • Inefficient Vacation and PTO Tracking Processes:  If your policy involves email/written requests, manual verification and/or spreadsheet tracking you are wasting valuable time and resources. It’s estimated that organizational PTO processes waste an average of 7 minutes per person per request. Lose manual processes and implement a system that automates vacation accruals, tracking and administration. You’ll save time, money and reduce the approval waiting period for employees.
  •  Social Media as a Recruiting Tool:  Many companies still depend on traditional hiring methods like third party recruiters, job boards and paper ads. For faster, cheaper and more effective recruiting turn to social media sites like LinkedIn. If you know what you’re looking for, social media can reach a massive pool of candidates for free. Job ad response times are faster when using social media and you are able to easily link to your company website or profile. LinkedIn has been dominating for years but Facebook is looking to get into the act too. Dow Jones reported last month that the social networking heavy-weight is preparing to aggregate job postings from third parties. In this job market potential employees are looking for you; put your job postings where they can be found.
  •  Provide Real-Time Feedback:  Employees thrive on frequent, positive feedback but curative feedback is equally important. Giving feedback on a continuous basis is shown to be more effective than “scheduled” feedback. Waiting for a monthly, quarterly or yearly review to roll around can curtail efforts to correct habits, activities or processes. Don’t leave your employees guessing where they stand. Frequent communication is an important tool in fostering long-term, satisfied employees.

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