MICR Symbol Cross-Reference for Setup of MICR Codes

MICR Symbol Cross-Reference for Setup of MICR codes for MICR Check printing in new version Sage 100 2013 and above.


MICR Font Symbols are used when printing Accounts Payable or Payroll Checks to Plain Paper Forms. The symbols are based on setup of the company’s checks or requirements provided by the bank. MICR Toner is often required.


When users setup bank codes for MICR Information to print on checks, use the below key to cross reference the symbols in bank code maintenance to the symbols shown below that appear on check forms.


The MICR Symbols will appear as shown above if the Sage 100 version is 4.50 or lower. If Sage 100 version is 2013 the MICR Symbols are not shown. The MICR symbols will not appear in earlier versions if MICR font is not installed on the workstation.


TR – Transit No. Symbol = A

AM – Amount Symbol = B

AC – On-Us Symbol = C

DA – Dash Symbol = D

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