My Internship at Oasis

Internship at Oasis

When I think of a perfect internship experience, I think of exactly what I had at Oasis Solutions. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience here at Oasis. Except maybe having to leave due to a class/work schedule conflict, something I have not been looking forward to all semester. I honestly feel at home here.

When I first came to work at Oasis I was so nervous to meet everyone, but also pleasantly surprised. When I was introduced to everyone at the office I was blown away by the friendliness, and professionalism exhibited here. Each person took time out of their day to make sure that I felt welcome. This made me feel at ease, and confident to do my job without unnecessary anxiety.

This internship has completely changed my life. It has made me more sure in my ability to go out into the “real world” and accomplish anything I put my mind to. For instance, I know I can handle the pressure of  last minute assignments, such as learning how to use an unfamiliar software program relatively quick. Other skills I’ve picked up is effective communication, and managing a hectic work/school/life schedule.

In the future, I will be able to set myself apart from other job applicants due to what I learned  at this Internship. I learned how to input leads into various software systems, put together product folders, plan events from start to finish and research for various articles to post on social media that pertain to Oasis’ partners.  

Aaron and Lucas really wanted me to learn and succeed. They are very straightforward, but in the best way possible. They turned everything into a learning experience. If I messed up they told me what to do differently in the future. Dee Dee helped me out a lot, and offered great constructive criticism.

Annette and Aaron really took a chance on hiring me to be an intern at Oasis. I look back at all the great opportunities that have been offered to me. I have been able to learn the sales process, event planning, and proper business etiquette.  I also learned how to edit documents with a professional look. As well as put myself out of my comfort zone and grow as a person.

I genuinely want to thank everyone at Oasis for making me feel at home and letting me be myself.  I rather dislike having to say goodbye to such wonderful people.


– Erica Messer

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