NetSuite 2013.2: Are You Ready?

The next release for NetSuite will be available in September and includes many new features and functionality to increase your productivity.  Highlights include a new NetSuite App for the iPhone, a new recurring billing module, and improved project management capabilities.

You can use  your iPhone to run your business while on the go.  You can view your dashboard, reports, scorecards and KPIs.  Additionally, you’ll be able to view and edit records, approve orders for your customers and access any of your saved searches.  All of your company’s data is accessible at your finger tips!

The new recurring billing module for your business extends NetSuite’s revenue recognition module to subscription or usage based revenue models in the cloud.  You can now easily automate your billings with flexible rates, such as flat-rate, usage based rate and tiered pricing.

One way to monitor the progress of a project is using the milestone events within the project.  NetSuite’s project management milestones are critical points that are important elements of the project plan.  Now with the ability to track milestones, insures the success and progress of project.

Also, a fully redesigned graphical Gantt chart using a new visualization tool gives you the insight to the path of a project and manage them more effectively.

These are just a few new features being delivered to you.  Be prepared and learn more by accessing the New Release portlet when you log into your NetSuite account.  For more information about how NetSuite 2013.2 can be used to grow your company’s profit and increase productivity, call Michael Drury at 502-429-6902 x 229.

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