A Note From Annette: Thank You

Another year has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Oasis is so fortunate to work with great customers who really value what their software can accomplish for their business.

What a year it was for us!

We attained many new customers, helped a lot of treasured existing customers work on improvements to their businesses and even had customers lean on us just to get through a difficult moment. For that, we are so grateful!

We are also grateful for the continued growth of our Oasis family in 2016. Scott Spradling joined us in January 2016 as a senior consultant in our CRM practice. Scott has proven to be a great asset to our customers and to Oasis. Another new addition, Philana Callahan joined the Oasis team in November 2016 as Marketing Manager. She onboarded at a very busy time of year and hit the ground running with some changes to the website and adding structure to our busy seminar and webinar schedule.

Oh, I can’t forget our wonderful interns: Margaret and Alex. Both business students at UofL, they have helped us tremendously in many areas of our business (no, they do not wash your car as folklore says). We made sure they were in a lot of meetings to get a sense of how a business works. Internships are definitely a give and a take. Alex’s time with us came to an end in December, after which she was married.

Congratulations, Alex, we miss you! Thankfully, Thi has joined us for her first semester as intern, filling that gap.

Together, Margaret and Thi are a great asset to the Oasis team and will learn valuable skills to help them enter the workforce this spring.

2017 is going to be a great year!

We have so many exciting things going on and plan to bring even more value to our customers with free educational webinars and seminars.

Please let us know how we can help you grow your business. We truly appreciate you, love to hear from you and about your business – drop us a note letting us know what we can do better at oasis@oasisky.com.

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