Q&A: Sage 100 ERP (F/K/A MAS90)- How to Print Long Sales Order Inventory Descriptions

Q: In our Sage 100 ERP we have long inventory extended descriptions. How do we get the entire description to print on sales orders?

A: Extended Descriptions are the characters on inventory, Sales Order and Purchase Order items more than 30 characters. The screenshot shows how these look. The first 30 characters are shown to the right of the Item Code here.

On the standard, out-of-the-box Crystal Reports Sales Order form only the Item Code Description is printed. To get an Extended Description to print, it must be added to the Crystal Form. The Item Code Description needs to be suppressed if there are Extended Descriptions.

To add the Extend Descriptions to the Crystal Form:

  1. Open Sales Order printing window
  2. Click the Designer button to launch Crystal Designer
  3. Click the Field Explorer button and add the field “ExtendedDescriptionText” to the Crystal form


  1. To suppress the item code description code, you need to:
    1. Right click the “ItemCodeDesc” field
    2. Click the “Common” Tab
    3. Click the “Suppress” check box
    4. Click the x-2 formula button
    5. Enter the formula:

Save and Close. Be sure to test the report.

If you are having trouble or need training for Crystal Reports Oasis offers Beginning and Advanced Crystal Reports for Sage 100 ERP classroom training. You can find the full schedule here https://oasisky.com/default.asp?q_areaprimaryid=8&q_areasecondaryid=17

This question was submitted to Mike Renner, Partner WAC Consulting, Owner at Computer Accounting Services and appears on Oasis Solutions Group Partner ERP VAR’s blog.

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