Q&A: Sage 100 ERP- How to Create a Receipt of Goods Entry

Q: Our Company owns Sage 100 ERP (F/K/A MAS 90) and we have recently added the Purchase Order and Inventory Management Modules. How do we make a Receipt of Goods Entry after we issue a Purchase Order and the goods are received?


1.  Navigate to Modules> Purchase Order> Main> Receipt of Goods Entry and select a new entry. To do this, click on the # sign next to the Receipt number then type in or select the PO number.

2.  If you received the invoice with the shipment you can enter it into the Invoice Number box. If you received the invoice at a later date you can use the Receipt of Invoice task later.

3.  Select the lines tab. You will be prompted to indicate if you want to receive the complete order

a.  Select “yes” if you have received the entire order. If you have only received a partial shipment and want to leave the PO open, select “no”.

4.  For our example we selected “yes”. At this point, you can also adjust quantities. If you have a lot of serial number for inventory items, they will show up as a yellow “!” at the left of the item code. These must be distributed using the Lot/Serial Distribution Icon (shaped like a grid).

5.  Once all distributions are made, “Accept” and run the Daily Receipt Register and update. This will adjust the inventory quantities and they will be available for business use.


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This question was submitted to Mike Renner, Partner WAC Consulting, Owner at Computer Accounting Services and appears on Oasis Solutions Group Partner ERP VAR’s blog.

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