Q&A: Sage 100 ERP How To Use the Business Object Interface

Question:  Our company owns Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS90), what is the Business Objects Interface, how does it work and how do we get it?

Answer: BOI (Business Objects Interface) is used by many third party developers to access the Sage database and develop applications. A brief discussion of BOI is provided below. More detailed information can be found by accessing the White Paper on the Sage NA website.

Sage 100 ERP users that have version 4.3 or above have the BOI included in their software release. For Versions 4.2 and below, new license keys that include the BOI can be provided by Sage and added into the Activation through a request made to your Sage Reseller.

Comprehensive Impact of Business Framework Object Interface 

The Business Framework Object Interface provides a consistent Application Programming  Interface (API) to a range of development languages, from VB.net or VBScript to C # or C++.

The Sage ERP Business Framework enforces all the business rules built into Sage 100 ERP  for simple data retrieval as well as inserts and updates. Much of the power lies in the fact that complex transactions involving many tables are completely separate from the user interface. Third-party developers are able to leverage the data validation routines within  the business objects without modifying or re-engineering the underlying source code of  the application.

When developers learn how to use one of the Business Objects—such as a Sales Order,  Customer, or General Ledger Journal Entry business object—they know how to use them all.  Business Objects inherit their behavior from the same base classes. The Business Framework includes Update Objects, allows for automation of processes such as batch posting of invoices. Access to lightweight Service Objects used for validations and related services (example calculation of a payment terms due date) are also available. Report Objects enable executing reports from outside of the Sage ERP User Interface, allowing for custom report scheduling.

Oasis Solutions Group can help you with your BOI needs. If you have questions or need support or service please contact Oasis at techsupport@oasisky.com or 502-429-6902.

If you have questions about your Sage 100 ERP, Sage 500, Sage 50, or other ERP, CRM or HRMS software please contact us for help!

This question was submitted to Mike Renner, Partner WAC Consulting, Owner at Computer Accounting Services and appears on Oasis Solutions Group‘s Partner ERP VAR’s blog.


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