Q&A: Sage 100 ERP: Printing in Paperless Office without Delay

Question:  We own Sage 100 ERP (formally MAS 90), while printing to paperless office, the system just hangs and does not complete or respond. How do we get it to print without delay?

Answer:  Normally this type of delay means the Paperless Office PDF printer has been corrupted or that security permissions are locking down access to the Paperless Office. This can be corrected in a few steps:

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall the Workstation Setup
  2. Go to the Start Menu / Devices and Printers in Windows and Right click on the “Sage PDF Converter”
  3. Select “Printer Properties”
  4. Navigate to the Ports tab
  5. Click “Add Port” and Create a New Local Port called “Sage”
  6. Click Apply
  7. If you receive an error adding a port you’re in a high security environment, see “High Security Suggestions” below.
  8. Navigate to the Security tab and add select the “Everyone” group. Select “Manage This Printer” and “Manage Documents” under the Permissions box

Written by Mike Renner, Partner WAC Consulting, Owner at Computer Accounting Services. This information originally appeared on ERP VAR


  1. Click Apply
  2. Accept all changes and test Paperless printing.

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