Q&A: Sage 100 ERP- Providing Your CPA with Copies of Data

Q: We use Sage 100 ERP (F/K/A MAS90) and our CPA needs a copy of our data files. How can we do this?

A: Your CPA should have the same or higher version of Sage 100 that your company uses. If he/she does, copying data from one Sage 100 system to another is fairly simple.

  1. Use Windows Explorer or My Computer to find the MAS_XXX folder. The XXX is the 3 number company code. Copy this file (in the example we are using company ABC).
  2. Open up another Windows Explorer window and paste the copies MAS_XXX file to an external device (ex: a CD or zip drive).
  3. Your CPA will repeat step two and copy the MAS_XXX folder into their Sage 100 folder.
  4. On the CPA’s computer, go to Company Maintenance and set-up the new company using the same three digit code. Accept and this will create a new company and the data (should) now be available.

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This question was submitted to Mike Renner, Partner WAC Consulting, Owner at Computer Accounting Services and appears on Oasis Solutions Group Partner ERP VAR’s blog.

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