Sage 100 Accounts Payable Vendor Credit Card Processing

Sage 100 Accounts Payable Vendor Credit Card Processing

  1. Set up the Vendor as a credit card vendor in Vendor Maintenance.
  2. Create the invoices like normal that were paid by credit card on the originating vendor account by processing an Accounts Payable Invoice or Purchase order Receipt of Goods with an invoice number or Receipt of Invoice.
  3. Create the invoice for the credit card vendor in Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry.
  • Select the Credit Card Vendor account.
  • Enter an invoice number that you would like to create for payment on that account.
  • Enter the total amount you want to transfer.  (it is acceptable to first select the invoices to be transferred and then come back and enter this amount based on the total of the selected invoices)
  • On the ‘Lines’ tab, click the ‘Transfer Information’ button
  • to open the ‘Update Purchase Vendor’ window
  • Select the vendor account for whom the invoices were created and select the invoice to be paid.
  • The invoice date and balance will automatically be populated and the transfer amount will default to the full balance, but can be overridden.  Enter any discount amount at this time and select the OK button.  A detail line will be created for that Credit Card Vendor’s invoice.
  • Select the OK button and you can select the transfer button again to complete the amount being transferred.
  • *** If there is a charge that does not have a posted invoice yet, you can enter that here also – leave the Invoice Number blank.
  1. Accept the invoice and print the Invoice register and update it.
  2.  A new invoice now exists for the Credit Card Vendor and the invoices that were created on the original vendor show a payment transaction with a check number that begins with a ‘C’.
  3. Process payments to the Credit Card Vendor like normal.

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