Sage 100: Autocreate Purchase Orders using Sales Order as PO Number

Sage 100: How to Auto-create Purchase Orders using Sales Order as the Purchase Order Number Part 2

To illustrate the way the features work that were described in Part 1 of this article, we will show a Sales Order Entry with multiple inventory items and vendors and then Autocreate POs from it automatically in Part 2.

Settings described in Part 1 are shown above as a reminder.


Procedure: Create SO with multiple items/vendors and autocreate POs.

Users can confirm that part numbers that are on the Sales Order have a default Primary Vendor assigned by creating a custom list to show the Vendor ID with the Part Numbers.

Create the Sales Order. Enter Items in Sales Order Line Entry.

When the Sales Order is Accepted the user is Prompted to Autocreate the Purchase Orders.

Click Yes to Autocreate.

Print the PO Number Assignment Listing.

Purchase Order appears on the screen.

Next automatically created PO can be reviewed.


Autocreated POs are referenced on the Sales Order as shown above.

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