Sage 100: Creating Efficiencies: User Preferences 101 Part 1

Creating Shortcuts for Frequently Used Tasks

How many clicks does it take to get to the Sage 100 tasks you use most?  How many clicks is that in a day or a year?  Those are valuable seconds that add up, and you can recapture that time by creating shortcuts on your task bar or by customizing your “My Tasks” list.


  1.  By default, Sage has the “Custom Buttons” enabled.  To make sure you still have the “Custom Buttons” enabled on your Sage Menu, from the menu bar, click View->Toolbars, make sure there is a check mark next to Custom Buttons.  If there is NOT a check there, then click on Custom Buttons to enable it.
  2. Locate in the Tasks menu the task you wish to add to your Sage task bar.  Click and hold down the mouse button, and drag it the task to the menu bar.
  3. When you release the mouse button, the task is now added to the menu bar.


  1. Click on the MY TASKS tab.  In the left pane, right click and select NEW->Private Folder (or Public Folder if you want to share the task list).
  2. Right click the new folder created, then click Rename.  Change the name as desired
  3. You can add tasks to the folder in 2 ways:
  • Drag & Drop Method– Locate in the Sage Tasks list the task you wish to add to your My Tasks list.  Click and hold down the mouse button, and drag it the task to the My Tasks tab, then to the folder you wish the task to appear (the folder will appear high-lighted).  Release the mouse button, and the task should now be listed in the task folder.
  • Right Click Method– Right click the My Tasks folder where you want the shortcut to appear, select New ->Task

    Browse to the task you wish to add, then select it.  For example, to choose AR Invoice Data Entry, you would browse Modules->Accounts Receivable->Main, then select Invoice Data Entry.

    The task is now added to the folder.


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