Sage 100: Entering Customer Pre-Payments in Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts

From Karen Roberson, Software Development Manager

Sage 100: Entering Customer Pre-Payments in Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts

  1. Go to Accounts Receivable, Main and Cash Receipts Entry
  2. Enter the Deposit Number, Bank Code, Deposit Date and Deposit Amounts like usual and click the “Accept” button
  3. Enter the Customer Number, Check Number and the Amount Received from the customer
  4. Click on the Lines tab
  5. Enter an Invoice number that will be used as the prepayment invoice. Make sure this is not a regular invoice number. Sage 100 will add “.PP” to the end of this invoice.
  6. A box will appear asking “Is this a prepayment?” Click “Yes”
  7. Verify the amount posted is the amount received from the customer
  8. Click Accept
  9. Print the Cash Receipts Journal and update like a regular cash receipt
  10. The General Ledger will post with a Debit to the Cash account and a Credit to the Accounts Receivable account
  11. This invoice will be listed as a negative invoice in the customer inquiry

To apply invoices to the prepayment, use the same method as applying credit memos or debit memos to invoices, only you will select the “-PP” invoice.

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