Sage 100 ERP Help: Bank Reconciliation

Sage 100 ERP: Bank Reconciliation- Auto Check Reconciliation


  1. Throughout the month, post all transactions:
    1. Checks in Accounts Payable
    2. Checks in Payroll
    3. Cash Receipts
    4. Wire Transfers through Accounts Payable Manual Check Entry
    5. Bank Transfers through General Ledger Transaction Journal Entry
    6. All other adjustments through General Ledger Transaction Journal Entry


  1. In Bank Reconciliation – Main menu – Reconcile Bank, using the Bank Statement, enter the Statement Balance


  1. Run the Auto Check Reconciliation
    1. Download the list of cleared transactions from your bank’s website
    2. Go to Bank Reconciliation – Main menu – Auto Check Reconciliation
    3. Choose the appropriate Check Setting and click the Proceed button
    4. Verify the Path, File Name, and Bank Code
    5. Click the Print button
    6. Review the log file for any Rejections or Warnings and research these checks to determine the reasons
    7. Click “Yes” to proceed with the check reconciliation


  1. In Bank Reconciliation – Main menu – Reconcile Bank , mark all Checks that did not automatically clear, then mark the Deposits and Adjustments that have cleared


  1. Print the Bank Reconciliation Report
    1. Choose 1 Bank Code
    2. Leave Starting Transaction Date blank
    3. Enter the Ending Transaction Date as the last day of the month
    4. DO NOT change any other options on the screen


  1. If the “Out of Balance By” is 0, and you have printed the register based on the criteria specified in step 4, the report will ask if you want to Remove your cleared documents; Answer Yes


Any items on the report that have not been marked as Cleared will not be purged, and will be retained for the next month’s report.

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