Sage 100 ERP: New Accounts Payable Features in Version 2013

Here are a few popular new features and enhancements in Sage 100 ERP Version 2013:

Expanded Invoice Number to 20 Characters

In Version 2013, the Invoice Number field in Accounts Payable is expanded to up to 20 characters. This enables users to enter the entire invoice number of a vendor, exactly as it appears. This can simplify the process of matching invoices and reducing errors.

Clearing Inactive Vendors and Reason Codes 

In Sage 100 Version 2013 users have the ability to set Vendor status as “Inactive” and include a “reason code” that can be created to reference why the vendor is inactive (disputed, merged, out of business, etc.). All historical transactions for that vendor are maintained in the database and can be reported on until permanently deleted by an authorized user.

Cleared Check Information

The 2013 release includes the option to display and access relevant bank information in more places. For instance, cleared checks now display in Invoices, Transactions and Check Tabs in Vendor Maintenance. Users also have the option to show cleared checks in Bank Reconciliation and AP Vendor Maintenance without having to access the Bank Reconciliation module.

Need to schedule your upgrade to Sage 100 Version 2013? Contact Pam Scott, Oasis Solutions Group Director of Client Services at for more information.


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