Sage 100 GL Financial Statement Groups and P-E Printing

  1. In the General Ledger – Reports menu choose Financial Reports
  2. While creating a new report, or by modifying an existing report, you can define reports to belong to groups to facilitate printing.  On the following screen you can use the lookup button next to the Report Group to choose an existing group.  To create a new group, type the name in the Report Group field.
  3.  When Printing Financial Reports from the Reports menu, click the drop down box to choose the report group that you want
  4. Once selected, the reports assigned to that group are displayed for either further modification or printing.
  5. The Report Group Maintenance button next to the Report Group allows multiple reports to be quickly added to the group:
  6. To set this report group to automatically print during the Period End Processing, go to the General Ledger – Period End menu – Period End Report Selection.
  7. Under Report Name click the lookup button and choose Financial Reports. Click the Report Setting lookup button.  Choose the new report group that you have created.

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