Sage 100 Help: Making a Standard Field Required

Making a Standard Field Required in Sage 100- Part 1

Sometimes a field needs to be set as required. Sage 100 allows for this generally with Advanced Field Settings in the User-Defined Field and Table Maintenance program under the Custom Office module.

For example, if we wanted to make the Customer Type field in Customer Maintenance required, then these are the steps.

Go to User-Defined Field and Table Maintenance. Under Accounts Receivable, right-click on AR Customer Master and select Advanced Field Settings…

Click the Add… button

Select the Customer Type field from the Field Dropbox

Click the Required Check box, then the OK button

Close out of User-Defined Field and Table Maintenance and open Customer Maintenance. Select a customer without a Customer Type (or create a new customer)

When a change is made to the Customer Record (of if this is a new record), then the program will now check to see if Customer Type has a value. When I click the Accept button, I get the following message

The program will make me fill in the Customer Type before I can save the record

In Part 2 we will discuss how to make a field required when the required check box is not available. 

If you need assistance with your Sage 100 ERP software, Oasis Solutions Group can help! Contact Oasis at or 502-429-6902.

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