Sage 100 Help: Where Did My Menu Go?

From Jim Wimsatt, Oasis Solutions Group Project Manager

Customers sometimes call wondering what happened to their Sage 100 (MAS90/MAS200) Tasks screen.  The “Module and Tasks” window is a floating window, and is undocked by double-clicking on the vertical, double bars located above the menu.

Once double-clicking on the lines, the menu will undock.  The undocked menu can be dragged and placed anywhere on the available screens of the user.

The issue arises when users minimize the “Sage 100 ERP” window, and then maximize the primary screen again.  When doing so the floating “Module and Task” floating menu is now behind the primary “Sage 100 ERP” screen  appearing as though the floating menu has disappeared.

To restore the menu, and be able to re-dock the “Modules and Task” floating menu, the user needs to click on the “restore down” icon on the “Sage 100 ERP” primary screen.

After clicking on the “restore down” icon, both menus should be visible.

The “Module and Tasks” menu should be dragged and placed on top of the “Sage 100 ERP” menu.

Then double-click on the “Module and Tasks” menu bar will re-dock the menu bar.

Initially it will appear as though the floating menu disappeared.  However, once the “Maximize” icon is clicked on the “Sage 100 ERP” screen and the screen it maximized the menu system will be available.

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