Sage 100: Using Custom Lookups for On-the-Fly Reporting

Sage 100: Using Custom Lookups for On-the-Fly Reporting

Sure, if you are a crystal guru, creation of custom reports are at your fingertips.  But what can you do if you aren’t, and the boss wants information ASAP?  Use the Sage 100 custom lookup screens to create on-the-fly reports!  For example, your boss wants a report of customers who have had no activity since December 31, 2010.

  1.  Open the inquiry screen that would contain the information you desire.  In this example, select the Customer Inquiry screen, then click the “lookup” icon for Customer No.
  2. Click the “Custom” button in the lower left corner to begin creating your custom lookup.
  3. On the Customization Wizard, select “create new view” and give it a description.  (If you would like this view to be your default view when you click the customer lookup, check the default view box.)

Press the TAB key, then click NEXT.


  1.  Select the fields you wish to have in your view/report.  Any fields in the “Selected Columns” on the left can be highlighted and click the left-pointing arrow to remove it from selection.  Any fields you want to add can be selected from the “Available Fields” then click the right-pointing arrow so that it becomes listed in the “Selected Columns”.  In this example, we only needed the customer number, status and date of last activity.  Once the desired fields are chosen, click NEXT.
  1. You can designate additional filtering criteria.  In this example, not only do we want to know when the date of last activity was, we only want to report customers that have not had activity since 12/31/10.  Once criteria has been entered, click FINISH.
  1. You will be taken back to the lookup screen.  There will now be a drop down list for the filter.  It will list the Standard filter, and the one you just created.  Select your newly created filter.
  1.  Your lookup screen will update.


  1. Click the Excel button in the lower right corner to export your new list to Excel to send to the boss.

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