Sales and Use Tax Solutions for Your Business – Get the Facts

If you’ve ever been through a software selection process, you know that trying to compare your options is much like comparing apples to oranges. There’s a lot of conflicting information to weed through. One product may claim to be great because it sits right on your desktop, while another is touted to be superior because it’s in the cloud. One program may offer all the components necessary from a single manufacturer, while another may pride itself on offering integrated “best of breed” solutions.

Shopping for a sales and use tax solution is no exception. There’s a lot of hype out there about what constitutes a good solution, and it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important– namely accuracy and efficiency.

Here are some tips to help you separate fact from fiction when considering your options for sales tax management:

  1. Sales tax is a big deal. With states looking to make up for budget shortfalls through legislation and increased audit presence, businesses can no longer afford to ignore it.
  2. Rates are only one piece of the puzzle. Having the correct rate is important, but you also need to consider nexus, rules, jurisdiction and taxability.
  3. Expertise matters. You need a vendor with specialized focus and expertise in all things pertaining to sales tax management who also has the depth to integrate with your ERP, eCommerce or POS system.
  4. “Close Enough” doesn’t count. Zip code-based solutions are only accurate part of the time. Zip codes are for the post office and do not delegate tax jurisdictions. But rooftop level accuracy can be achieved with the right technology.
  5. Don’t go it alone. Cloud-based systems allow you to have a team of experts working behind the scenes around the clock to make sure that the most current rules and rate are applied to all your transactions.

To learn more about what’s true and what’s not in the world of sales and use tax automation, check out this informative and entertaining whitepaper written by Geni Whitehouse (“Even a Nerd Can Be Heard”):  Ignoring the Hype – How to find the right sales and use tax solution for your business.

For more information about how sales and use tax software can help your organization, contact Oasis Solutions Group at or 502-429-6902.

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