Save Time with Sage ERP Document Management

Take the Time to Consider Ways You Can Save Time Every Day with Sage ERP Document Management

When we get busy, it’s hard to find the time to really think about our processes to determine if we could be working more efficiently. In the time it takes you to finish reading this article, we hope to give you the inspiration to analyze your workflows and find a way to cut out at least an hour of busy work each day.

Let’s start by eliminating the paper. Keeping your documents electronic will prevent you from having to waste time printing, copying and filing. An integrated document management solution can help you accomplish this. Instead of walking over to a file cabinet or searching through piles of paper, you can type in a search value and instantly find the document you need.

For documents that require approvals, we can replicate your current processes electronically to save time and minimize data entry. Instead of sorting through a pile of documents and walking them over to the proper approver, you can send an electronic set of documents with the click of a button. The benefit here is that everyone involved in the process maintains visibility. If you set a pile of paper on someone’s desk they are completely off your radar. You also gain the ability to set reminders if documents get held up too long in someone’s workflow queue. That particular tool gives you the power to manage to the exception rather than the rule. If you don’t get an email notification saying that something has gone wrong, you can be confident that everyone is getting their work done.

If you have data entry tasks that you’d like to delegate to other employees who don’t have Sage user licenses, Sage ERP Document Management forms creation makes that possible. Using a form with validated fields, you can enter data, route that form for approval and ultimately import the data to the corresponding screen in Sage ERP. This concept lets your accounting managers act more like auditors than data entry clerks and lets you get a second pair of eyes before data is entered directly into the ERP.

These are just a few of the ways your workflows can be done more effectively to save you time. Once you eliminate manual filing, gain better visibility and control over your workflows, and start managing to the exception you will gain back valuable hours in your day that can be used to evolve your business and continue to evaluate your processes.

For more information on going paperless, attend our upcoming webinar on April 24, 2014. CLICK HERE to register or contact Jody Patterson at

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